Independent Music Coalition Japan (IMCJ)が一般社団法人として活動を開始いたしました。IMCJは、インディペンデントレコード事業者団体であるIRMA、ILCJ及びJNCAと関連団体・事業者が連立共同して活動する非営利組織です。関係団体による共同プロジェクトでの議論を経て、変化を続ける音楽事業を取り巻く環境への対応、とりわけグローバル市場に向けてのわが国音楽コンテンツ発信のためのサービスインフラの整備を図ります。


IMCJは、インディペンデント音楽事業者の国際団体であるWIN(Worldwide Independent Network)の会員として、わが国を代表して海外各国の音楽関連団体との連携や情報交換に努めるとともに、海外事業展開を図る事業者をサポートしてまいります。

Japan’s Independent Music Sector Forms Coalition

Establishment of The Independent Music Coalition Japan

The Independent Music Coalition Japan (“IMCJ”) was primarily founded by three independent music trade bodies: Independent Records and Musicians Association (IRMA), Independent Label Council Japan (ILCJ) and Japan Net Creators Association (JNCA). It will also be joined by a number of leading independent labels and aggregators. It is expected that IMCJ will represent the Japanese independent music community as a national trade association of the Worldwide Independent Network, or WIN, on behalf of the founding and cooperating associations including FMPJ (current WIN membership) under one umbrella.

IMCJ’s mission and mandate include: initiating the collective voice of the independent community, enhancing the rights of independent labels and producers, networking with WIN and its member associations throughout the world, encouraging the development of the comprehensive database of independent repertoire, assisting to exploit and promote its members’ content together with Merlin (and its Tokyo office), facilitating professional and tech services when needed, and liaising and lobbying with the government, related trade bodies and MLCs, among others. IMCJ will also seek to initiate, encourage and support the formation of independent music associations in the East Asian region as business relations between Japan and those countries grow rapidly.

IMCJ’s board of directors consists of the chief executives from the founding associations and leading labels.

“We are excited by the successful launch of the united independent’s organization. This is an unprecedented movement in the independent music sector, in particular, which has been fragmented into several trade bodies or hardly united. In the rapidly changing business environment of the music industry, the need to develop and expand the market by challenging globalization and network technologies has made this alliance become realized,” said Takashi Kamide, CEO of IMCJ.

Alison Wenham, CEO of WIN, commented, “I am delighted that our Japanese colleagues have created the first coalition of independent interests to be represented by IMCJ. In a rapidly globalising market, we are truly excited by the opportunity to work closely with IMCJ, to support their work in developing the Pan Asian region, to help in the creation of new trade associations, and to advance knowledge and understanding of the markets for all independent companies in the world."




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