IMCJ Digital Week

Indie Artists Are Ready to Go Abroad!

Artists from independents labels are seeking opportunity to promote and exploit their music toward the global market. One of the priority missions of IMCJ is to liaise with foreign music communities to meet their expectations. If there would be any positive interests shown from abroad IMCJ is ready to assist, advocate and support their activities, not only for their recordings but also appearances in the post Covid-19 era.



新しいデジタル関連サービスに関するショートプレゼンテーションを期間限定で紹介します。 TIMMイベント(ビジネス・セミナー、Online LIVE)終了後のひと時を、新しい情報に触れることで、デジタル社会に向けた内外の動向を理解していただければ幸いです。

10 Topics to Understand Digital

This section is to present 10 recent topics relating to the online services or digital technologies which are already popular or evolving in the international communities yet to be introduced in Japan to small or micro independent labels.


4-6 NOVEMBER 2020

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